Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise: Diablo III

Poor Deckard Cain, the guy can catch get a break
Poor Deckard Cain, the guy can catch get a break

Its actually coming!  My word its not as if they have not kept us waiting for long enough.

Now, okay so we have known that the Diablo III has had a release day of May15th – but this is Blizzard we are talking about so I never fully trust their release dates.

However the other day the press release arrived in my mail box confirming the special launch events for this release. While I wouldn’t put it past them to push it back, I think you can pretty much assure that it is actually going to release

As part of the build-up, they have had a reveal site running here that has been revealing each of the classes, videos for which are available after the break.

But in order to tease you here is the recently released TV Trailer

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