Dante’s Inferno Drinking Game

Why do people insist on taking pictures of me in a morning?

The moment I discovered the gate of hell mode in Dante’s Inferno, the drinking game jumped out of the screen at me. The game is designed around having a group of players and is only a few simple rules.

At the end of each wave you apply the rules and pass the controller to the next person. So that the game can last for a while you need to set the game difficulty too classic.

Now for anyone that has not read one of these drinking games before, here is an important little fact. When I refer to ‘A Drink’ I am talking about a quick gulp of whatever beer takes your fancy. Personally that is Guinness, but you know what you can handle and I will leave it to your common sense beyond that.


Your Time Has Come – At the end of the wave if you have more time than you start, everyone else in the group drinks, if you have less time you have a drink.

Hellbound Warrior – If you finish a wave with ‘Untouchable’ you also get to apply one of the following conditions to the next player

  • Pride – Next player can only use Cross attacks
  • Envy – Swap drinks with the next player in the next round (so if they should have drunk you get it, you get it and visa versa)
  • Gluttony – The next drink is doubled for whoever has to drink
  • Lust – Increase the difficulty for the next wave
  • Anger – Break the circle and pick who goes next
  • Greed – Choose to take another turn
  • Sloth – Choose to skip your next turn

After playing this game a few times at gaming nights, I would very much classify this as an Extremely Heavy game.

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    • we had a few round of this at the last games night, it is really affective indeed but a great laugh

      toward the end in our drunkenness we were making up rules like one handed play and playing with your feet when people managed untouchable

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