Call of Duty: Black Ops Drinking Game

Dave! Watch the Ice Pat......Nevermind!

Ahhh, good old Call of Duty, I can always rely on a new release of this series around the Christmas season.

It makes my life easier coming up with my drinking games for the December issue so much simpler.

Unfortunately I have been told that the one I created for Modern Warfare 2 was not only a little too complex for regular use, but also potentially lethal to players with any level of skill.

So keeping that in mind I decided to make this one much simpler, if no less deadly.


There is on simple rule for this game, when you are killed you take a drink, number of drinks differs based on what you die at the hands of.

1 Drink
Any Normal Gun

2 Drinks

3 Drinks
Mortar Team
Sentry Gun
Napalm Bomb
Attack Helicopter

4 Drinks
Rolling Thunder
Valkyrie Rockets
Chopper Gunner
RPG Tomahawk
Ballistic Knife

5 Drinks
Attack Dogs
Care Package/ Smoke/Stun/Flash

So despite the simplification I would still classify this as a Heavy drinking game, unless your very good.

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    • wow! I completely see your point you put so much effort into explaining what exactly was wrong with it……Seriously, you think I got it wrong feel free to point out why properly and I will consider revising it

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