An Illness

Well I should have said that updates on this will be somewhat sporadic. I have many things that demand my time at the moment so this has to kinda has to be updated when I have a moment.

This gap however has been longer for a slightly different reason. Unfortunately I managed to pick up the dreaded swine flu, which put me out of commission for a few days really.

But I thought I would mention it because I learnt a few things.

Firstly the slightest utterance of the words ‘swine flu’ will send people into spirals of panic, they cant run away from you fast enough.  The media has done a damn fine job of drumming into the general consciousness that simply looking at someone with the illness will infect you and you will die. I had at least 10 people asking me a barrage of questions online the moment I let one person know that my wife had it – worried about me before I even started showing symptoms.

Secondly, Five days later and I’m left waiting for all the terrible illness that was advertised on the TV, i was expecting my insides to explode out of my sides at some point or something. Ignore the word Swine is all i can say focus on the Flu. That’s all it is, its a bad case of the Flu – the symptoms are the same. I’m not saying its enjoyable, its still a fairly unpleasant experience and annoying that it seems to work in waves. One minute ill feel fine the next the head starts throbbing, the muscles start aching and all the rest of it kicks in – then shortly after I fall asleep and two hours pass. the symptoms linger and are there all the time but aside form those waves can be fought through.

Anyway I am back in the world of the working now and will make a greater effort to make sure this blog gets at least one update a week.

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