A Week In #DailySong’s (7/3/10)

Portal Cake
With the Portal 2 announcement, how could I not have Cake?

Another week has come and gone, seriously these things are getting busier.

This week I discovered a site that allows you look up what song was number one on your birthday.  If you want to try it out for yourself you can take a look here.

Anyway seeing this instantly made me want to do a themed week based on songs that were number one the day I was born.

So having the big gob that I do off I go and announce this to my twitter feed. However I wish I had thought to look at the songs that I would have to choose from.

Apart from a few gems it seems that all the songs that were number one on the 3rd of February where crap of the highest order.

But anyway I soldiered on and managed a full week for once without a break, however I did manage to stuff it up in a whole new way, so lets take a look at them.

Monday: Men At Work – Down Under (http://song.ly/2jf8u)

Okay to start the theme I naturally had to go with my exact date of birth. This song it seems was number one on the 3rd of February 1983.

Never knew until I started this themed week, but this is a great song.

Tuesday: Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ (http://song.ly/2jfd4)

Today I actually managed to find one on the list that fitted both my week’s theme and the day itself. The reason for having this song as my #DailySong was because I was on the train down to London at the time. Reason for the visit was to visit the guys at Beatnik Studios who had invited us down to talk about Plain Sight.

Suffice to say the game was good a year ago when it first had a beta, but a years extra development has really added the extra polish that could move it from good to great. Watch out for its release in the very near future.

The song was number one on 3/2/2001

Wednesday: The Monkees – I’m A Believer (http://song.ly/2jfgu)

It was Wednesday that I really started to notice the lack of good songs to pick from – seriously there is nothing of any quality on my list

This was number one on 3/2/1967

Thursday: Babylon Zoo – Spaceman (http://song.ly/2jfj8)

Busy day Thursday, so I had to choose in a rush. I went with this track as when your in the mood for it, it’s not that bad a track overall.

This was number one 3/2/1996

Friday: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (http://song.ly/2jfn2)

Really was running short on choices that I am even willing to consider using as a #DailySong now I know many people will thing Relax is a great track but personally I think it’s a bit Meh. However at this point, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m too proud to give up on the theme.

This was number one on 3/2/1984

Saturday: Fleetwood Mac – Albatross (http://song.ly/2jfr5)

Now I do enjoy a bit of Fleetwood Mac, but I was hoping to save this for Sunday to end the week on a high point. Unfortunately I was a little hangover and just had to pick it so that I didn’t have to think.

This was number one on 3/2/1969

Sunday: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (http://song.ly/2jfw2)

NOOOO!!! Failure with so little choice I checked that I hadn’t already used the song once this week, the Monkees, Babylon Zoo, & Fleetwood Mac all tried to make a comeback but I found them when I checked.

I Don’t know how I missed this one but all I have to say for myself is – FAIL!!

Okay now to get some sleep, as its late here and clearly if I’m picking the same song twice in the same week then I need it. Next time I want to do a themed week, I have to make sure I have enough songs to cover it.

Till Next Week

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