A New Year: Part 2

Well its been a month now since I set myself some challenges for the year, So I guess I should look back at them and see how well I have done. The challenges were not massively difficult, just more ones of discipline.

So as a reminder for those who didn’t read my post in the new year here is a quick overview of what I set for myself.

1 – Lose some weight

Now I’m not vastly overweight, but over the last few years the Guinness’s have started to catch up with me. I have begun to develop somewhat of a beer gut. I’m not cut out for the gym. I’ve tried in the past and all it’s done is cost money, besides I’m only looking to lose a few pounds.

Instead I’m making use of the Wii Fit I bought for my wife last year. I will do 30 minutes a day until the gut starts to fade away.

2 – Podcast more regularly

Since Gow left Thirteen1 for his new job, the schedule on the Drinky Talky Thing has been somewhat erratic. All three of us have got incredibly busy and finding the time to sit down and record one. We have however over Xmas we have worked something out and the podcast should be more regular in the upcoming months.

So watch this space for that.

3 – Make more regular updates here

Yes I know I said this last year but I really do intend to be more regular with my updates here. To help with that I have a whole pile of my Thirteen1 content that will steadily be moved over here, starting with the drinking games but also some of my old reviews hands on stuff.

On top of that I aim to do at least 3 updates a week, even if they are only short opinion pieces on some random gaming news story or bitch about some stuff that has bothered me during the day.

So….How did I do?

Well, When it comes to No 1, Lose Some Weight –  that’s kinda an unknown.

You see I’m using the Wii Fit as my tracking system and it says that over the space of the last month I have lost about 4 pounds. The problem with this that the weight variation I can get on a day-to-day basis can be as great as 4 pounds either up or down.

However what I can confirm is that the doing this every day has not happened, work and other projects have kinda got in the way here – however I have managed 15 days out of the last 31 on the thing. I have also set my standards a little higher – now rather than 30 minutes when I go on  it I’m doing 1 hour.

So we will have to wait and see how well we do this month.

No 2 was to Podcast more regularly and aside from having to miss the very first week due to having contracted the plague, The evidence of the success of this one is here on the site for all to see. Three weeks running now we have managed to get an episode recorded and I have even been so bold as to buy all new recording equipment.

Nothing more to say here other than the plan is to continue as we are now and hopefully be able to bring TurkeySaladBoy back into the studio (Ok my living room but when we record it counts) to help balance me and Gow out a bit. Unfortunately his new job means that while he was difficult to pin down before, now its difficult to work out exactly what damn city he is in!

No 3 was simply to update this blog more regularly and even though I say so myself, I think I have more than accomplished that. 19 published posts last month, including podcast and drinking games posts. So much so that I am actually starting to run out of my Thirteen1 backlog of drinking games. I have maybe 10 left to republish and then I will have to make them up as I go along again.

Starting next month will also see my articles from Thirteen1 start reappearing here. I will however post them with modified timestamps, so that a post from November of last year looks like it’s in the right place. This will include everything from Thirteen1, from my game designed experiences with Omerta to my previews, reviews & interviews from games over the last few years.

Suffice to say that the promised comic reward for keeping this site up to date has been more than earned this month, however I’m going to pass it up as my awesome wife has just ordered me nearly £50 of graphics novels for valentine’s day.

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