30 Second The Secret World Preview: Abilities

Ok so who picked the ability to get us the hell out of here fast!
Ok so who picked the ability to get us the hell out of here fast!

Now in the previous video about your progression I mentioned that you can pick up any ability you wanted, which is true but there are limitations to the use of those abilities.

At any one time you are only able to have 14 abilities active. 7 of those abilities will be active, normal combat type skills, the other 7 will be Passives that will add secondary effects to actives or just generally buff your character.

This means that as you want to fill a role in a group or dungeon you will have to pick the set of abilities that best suit it from the ones you have purchased. You want to do damage? You will want your attack abilities active, Healing? well that’s a different set of abilities. When your are going solo for a while you will probably want a mixed set so your ready for anything.

To make this a little easier it will be possible to save builds, then at the press of a button swap roles and have all the abilities switch to the right ones for that role.

For more information about the abilities check out http://www.thesecretworld.com/gameplay/weapons/

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