30 Second Mists of Pandaria Preview: Talents

Everyone has a talent, not all are useful
Everyone has a talent, not all are useful

Now they may have only recently simplified the talent system in World of Warcraft recently, it seams that has not stopped them taking another look at it in Mists of Pandaria.

This version of the talent system seem to have taken some serious influence from the one that was found in the Diablo III beta. As you reach each tier of the tree you are given a selection of 3 spells to choose from.

Each of these spells will have a similar nature to them. So in the video you will see the monk talents and all the spells in the first tier are related to modifications of the ‘Roll’ ability they have. All of these skills are useful and have more to do with your personal playstyle that your specialisation choice.

This will mean less people arguing about the ‘Perfect Build’ (oh who am I kidding they will still be there) and more about which is the most fun to play.

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