30 Second Game Review: Limbo

The other week I asked for suggestions on games to do 30 second reviews on. YouTube user QWRGN suggested Limbo, who am I to say know when its such a good game?

Limbo was originally released by Playdead studios as part of the 2010 Summer of Arcade on XBLA and got rave reviews, not least by in that months issue of Thirteen1 (http://www.thirteen1.com). Since then it has been released on a whole host of formats, all of which leading to equally good reviews.

The game puts you in the shoes of a small child trying to save his sister/stay alive set in an incredibly styled world where everything seems to be out to kill you. One thing i loved about this game is the fact that it deliberately tried to throw  you off with having buttons that are not and swings that can kill you.

Well worth having if you haven’t already

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